Year End Award Rankings



Individual Awards

Rookie of the Year [TBD by the Board of Directors]

High Point Novice Rider

High Point Novice Rider/Horse Team

High Point Junior Rider

High Mileage Rider

High Mileage Horse

Distance Reward/Lifetime Program – Rider

Distance Reward/Lifetime Program – Horse

Worker Credit Awards


Junior Ride ‘n Tie Team

Junior/Senior Ride ‘n Tie Team

Senior Ride ‘n Tie Team

High Point CTR Horse

High Point Horse Set Speed Bronze

High Point Horse Set Speed Silver

High Point Horse Set Speed Gold

High Point Horse Set Speed Overall

High Point Endurance Horse

High Point Best Condition Endurance Horse

High Point Overall Horse


Breed Awards

High Point Arabian

High Point Part Arabian

High Point Al Khamsa Arabian – retired following 2016 season. “On behalf of the membership of OCTRA, I wish to thank Bob and Michelle for their contribution to the year end awards.” (Julie Phair, Awards Committee Chair)

High Point Part Morgan

High Point Morab

High Point Standardbred

High Point Quarter Horse

High Point Best of the Rest