A note from Lopin’ Larose Trail Masters & Organizing Committee:

New Base Camp is now at the other end of the Larose Forest than last year. The address is 4858 Champlain Road, Bourget, Ontario, K0A 1E0.

Please note, our base camp from last year is not available this year; however, the Forestry Office has offered the use of their office grounds as base camp! It is equally lovely, if not more so.  There is limited parking available on Friday night and Sunday night. Please contact Christina Young directly for information on camping on those days. Otherwise, ride camp opens at 10am on Saturday, October 15.

As well, your dedicated and passionate Trail Masters put in some very long hours and have re-selected, re-calculated, and re-marked a significant amount of trail around the new base camp and we now have a course equally as beautiful and fun for you to enjoy!

40k/25mi CTR:
The 40k CTR will consist of two loops (one loop done twice) of 12.5 miles. Water is available at approximately the halfway point. Footing is mainly wide, grassy dirt forest; however, there is approximately 3 miles of contiguous pea-type gravel on the loop (we apologize for this; however, there truly is no way around it). There are mowed grassy sides to all gravel areas. Hoof protection is recommended.

80k/50mi Endurance:
The 50 mile Endurance ride will consist of three loops (16.5 miles, 17 miles, 16.5 miles). Water is available approximately every 5 miles. Footing is mainly wide, grassy dirt forest or packed dirt road. The first and last loop has approximately 3 contiguous miles of pea-type gravel. There are mowed grassy sides to all gravel areas. Hoof protection is recommended.

See you this weekend!


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