AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Come ride with us ….

The AGM is held yearly on the second or third week of February in a centrally located hotel.

You DO NOT have to be an OCTRA member to attend, however …  IF you are a member this will be your weekend to socialize, collect all your awards and catch up on all things OCTRA.

IF you are NOT yet a member this is the weekend to discover what OCTRA is all about and to take advantage of the various activities we have planned such as:

  • Clinics/Workshops
  • Vendors
  • Guest Speakers


The business portion of the weekend is of course the annual meeting. For members it is always your opportunity to influence how your Association is managed and to voice your opinion regarding the Resolutions that are on the table. For non-members this is a great opportunity to gain insight into how the Association is run and the variables that come into play that are all part of the world of long distance riding.

Our annual gathering would not be complete without the social side of the weekend which usually starts with the Meet ‘n Greet Cocktail Hour and is followed by our Banquet Buffet – a time to relax and regale neighbours with fascinating war stories, past glories and future dreams. For those new to the sport this will be the perfect opportunity to find experienced members to answer at least a few of the unending list of questions we all have when we are inspired to become one of the lucky ones who call this sport their own.

Once the dinner portion is finished, we celebrate the season past and applaud those who achieved some of their objectives and dreams during the past year. The   Awards Ceremony is our chance to applaud each other for goals reached and for those we are still endeavoring to attain. The evening wraps up with music, dancing and conversation.

So keep an eye out for the date for the next AGM and you can book the date on your calendar, brave whatever weather this Canadian winter decides to throw our way and come together to celebrate the one passion we all share – the horse. And always remember the universal endurance motto:

To finish is to win