2017 AGM

Come ride with us ….
The AGM is held yearly on the second or third week of February in a centrally located hotel.

2017 AGM

February 17th thru 19th, 2018
Best Western Plus
Cobourg Inn & Conference Center
930 Burnham Street,  
Cobourg, ON, K9A 2X9
Phone: 905/372-2105 OR 1-866-262-6874 (reference OCTRA)

The weekend will include the annual meeting and awards dinner (have a 50th Cake for dessert?) as per usual along with a clinic and vendors.  Chrystal Woodhouse, Education Chair, already has Meg Sleeper lined up with the topic yet to be determined.  This will also be the perfect opportunity to start celebrating our 50th year and inform the members of what this committee has planned.  The point being that the celebration runs the entire season.

Members Meeting:           Saturday afternoon
Awards:                                  Julie Phair, Awards Chair
Vendors:                                To be determined
Clinic:                                      TBC
Clinician:                              Meg Sleeper, AERC
Date:                                        TBC


Meg Sleepers:

With over 12,000 AERC miles, and having ridden in 76 AERC 100-mile rides (with 66 completions), 50-year-old Meg Sleeper of Frenchtown, New Jersey, is not only a seasoned endurance rider, but also a top class international competitor. Meg competed in her first competitive trail ride in 1980. Since that time, she has completed over 14,000 miles of competitive and endurance rides and competed in 7 countries. She has been on the USA endurance squad for four world championships and has competed nearly entirely on home bred and trained horses.

“It’s a really special bond you get with the horse that’s different than any other,” Meg says about riding endurance. “One of the things I love about endurance is it’s not just about just going as fast as you can… It’s about actually figuring out the trail and the weather environment and everything that you get that particular day, and then making your best effort for those hurdles you have that day.”

Meg and her husband Dave Augustin have been breeding their own horses for close to 25 years; Shyrocco Troilus was the first homebred Meg competed on in a World Endurance Championship. He’s 22 now: “We don’t sell many; they do kind of become family members,” Meg says. It’s a testament to her riding experience, and her profession as a veterinary cardiologist, that she’s had long careers with her home-bred horses, even at the highest level of competition.


2010    AERC National Championship Rides:
             100-mile ride – 3rd with Syrocco Reveille
55-mile ride – 16th with Syrocco Cadence
2010    On the USA endurance squad short list (with 2 of her horses) for the WEG in Lexington, KY; competed on the US team with Syrocco Harmony
2009    Arabian Horse Association National Competitive Trail Ride (Oklahoma, USA) Grand Champion
2008    World endurance championship (Terrenganu, Malaysia); USA team
2007    Pan American Endurance Championship (Pinamar, Argentina) – 11th place
2007    Zone team challenge (Montana, USA) – team gold medal, 1st place, Best condition award
2006    World endurance championship (Aachen, Germany); 22nd place Argentinian national championship ride – 6th place
2005    Pan American Endurance Championship (Maryland, USA) – USA East team
2004   World Endurance Championship (Dubai, UAE); USA team
2004    President’s Cup (Abu Dhabi, UAE); USA team
2003    Pan American Endurance Championship (Washington, USA) – USA East team
2003    Worlds Most Preferred Endurance Ride (Dubai, UAE); 16th place
2002    Worlds Most Preferred Endurance Ride (Dubai, UAE); 32nd place
2002    World endurance championship (Jerez, Spain); alternate
2001    Pan American Endurance Championship (Vermont, USA) gold medal team; individual 7th place
1997    Race of Champions (Pennsylvania, USA) gold medal team; individual 20th place


2016 AGM

February 25th & 26th, 2017
Best Western Plus
Cobourg Inn & Conference Center
930 Burnham Street,  
Cobourg, ON, K9A 2X9
Phone: 905/372-2105 OR 1-866-262-6874 (reference OCTRA)

Page contents:

  1. Who Should Attend?
  2. What Are We Planning?
  3. OCTRA Branded Clothing – Order Form
  4. Official Documents: Schedule, 2015 Minutes, Agendas, Awards, Clinic, & Resolutions
  5. Awards Banquet Menu
  6. How do I get my banquet tickets?
  7. Register/Pay by Check or Money Order
  8. Register/Pay Online for Clinic-Banquet combo – SOLD OUT
  9. Register/Pay Online for Banquet Only – SOLD OUT
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Who Should Attend?

        You DO NOT have to be an OCTRA member to attend, however …

  • IF you are a member this will be your weekend to socialize, collect all your awards and catch up on all things OCTRA.
  • IF you are NOT yet a member this is the weekend to discover what OCTRA is all about and to take advantage of the various activities we have planned.

What Are We Planning

        Our 2016 AGM will have a well rounded itinerary of items to keep everyone busy:

  • Chrystal Woodhouse (Education Chair) has organized a Clinic with Stagg Newman on “Enduring Partnerships” the Sunday of the AGM weekend.
  • Nancy Zukewich, our Guest Speaker, long-time OCTRA member, past Board member and current Ride Manager, will open the official meeting portion with some insight into how the practise of Yoga can be a great complement to the rider’s conditioning program helping to improve balance and flexibility as well as the more psychological benefits of relaxation and being centred.
  • The AGM Committee has once again invited Vendors to be on-site to share interesting information and perhaps have items available for sale – AGM 2016 Vendors.  If you know of a business please share with the Committee.
  • The business portion of the weekend is of course the Annual Meeting. For members it is always your opportunity to influence how your Association is managed and to voice your opinion regarding the Resolutions that are on the table. For non-members this is a great opportunity to gain insight into how the Association is run and the variables that come into play that are all part of the world of long distance riding.
  • Our annual gathering would not be complete without the social side of the weekend which starts with the Meet ‘n Greet Cocktail Hour held in the Vendors area and is followed by our Awards Banquet – a time to relax and regale neighbours with fascinating war stories, past glories and future dreams. For those new to the sport this will be the perfect opportunity to find experienced members to answer at least a few of the unending list of questions we all have when we are inspired to become one of the lucky ones who call this sport their own.
  • Once the dinner portion is finished, we celebrate the season past and applaud those who achieved some of their objectives and dreams during the past year. The Awards Ceremony, lead by our Awards Chair, Julie Phair, is our chance to applaud each other for goals reached and for those we are still endeavoring to attain. The evening wraps up with music, dancing and conversation.

 So be sure to book the date of the 2016 AGM in your calendar, brave whatever weather this Canadian winter decides to throw our and   come together to celebrate the one passion we all share – the horse. And always remember the universal endurance motto:

To finish is to win

Official Documents, Schedule, 2015 Minutes, Agendas, Awards, Clinic, & Resolutions

How Do I Get My Banquet Tickets?

  1. There are no physical tickets. Your name is added to a list which the AGM committee uses to register participants. Name tags received upon registration are your “tickets” for dinner.
  2. If you have to cancel please let the committee know anderegg@bell.net. Except in exceptional circumstances money will not be refunded but we may be able to resell your ticket for you.
  3. If you sell or give your ticket to another person you MUST inform the committee. If their name is not on the list there will be confusion and they may not be included.

Register/Pay by Check or Money Order

Please note, we do not actually hand out tickets, but your name(s) go on a list and you receive a name tag which is your “ticket”.

Send Cheque or Money Order to
Michelle Bignell, Treasurer
805 Carmel Line, RR 2,
Millbrook, ON, L0A 1G0.

Send e-Transfer (but not PayPal email payments) to: Michelle@cayusecreekranch.com


Banquet Only                                  Adult $50                                     Junior $35

Clinic Only                                      Adult $40                                      Junior $35

Clinic & Banquet Combo              Adult $70                                      Junior $65

Register/Pay Online for Clinic Only

Adult: $40

Will you be attending the AGM?
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Junior: $35

Will you be attending the AGM?
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