Incentive Programs

Distance Reward Program (OCTRA)   Beginning 2019 all OCTRA members are enrolled in the Distance Reward Program. Distance is accumulated and tabulated for Life Time Distance Awards. Horses must still be enrolled (one-time nonrefundable $30 fee) to receive Year End Awards including Distance Rewards.

Distance Reward Program – Horse Enrollment (PDF)


Distance Horse and Rider Development Program (DHRDP)

This program rewards riders and horses of all ages in the sport of long distance riding in the discipline of Set Speed in a progressive manner, with a goal of fitness, longevity and success at local, national and international competition. Horses and riders registered in this program are eligible to earn Level Recognition and to compete for Special Program Awards.

National Competition Database (Equestrian Canada):

In order to help Canadian endurance competitors track points and results, a National Endurance competition Database was created. The National Endurance Competition Database allows athletes to:

Submit and track historical mileage of riders and horses; Access historical mileage and statistics for all registered Canadian endurance athletes and horses; Access rankings and points standings; View EC sanctioned Endurance competitions scheduled for the current year

Competitive Distance Program (Arabian Horse Association)

The Competitive Distance Program (CDP) promotes and rewards riders who use Arabian horses to compete in distance riding events. Your efforts and achievements will be rewarded with recognition and prizes.

Breeders Sweepstakes (Arabian Horse Association)

It is a program that makes your horse eligible to win money in designated classes. Horses must be entered into this program in-utero for $400 before 12/31 of the year it is bred. in order to nominate your foal to this program, the sire of this foal (no matter what the breed) must be a Nominated Sire or your mare must be a Nominated Mare, in which case, you can breed her to anything and the foal will be eligible.

Frequent Rider Program (Arabian Horse Association)

This program awards riders for every hour that they spend riding or driving an Arabian or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horse in non-competitive activities.

Paint Alternative Program (American Paint Horse Assoc.)

Many associations offer activities that fall outside the category of “APHA-approved classes.” Even though APHA is not officially associated with these events, the association does want to recognize these efforts on the American Paint Horse. These accomplishments can be recorded on registered horses’ official lifetime performance records through PAC. (APHA recognizes OCTRA competitions).

Trail and Distance Programs (Appaloosa Horse Club)

ApHC Distance program includes endurance riding, competitive trail riding and pleasure riding. ApHC does not recognize OCTRA, but does recognize AERC. Thus, OCTRA endurance rides sanctioned by the AERC will be accepted while OCTRA sanctioned CTRs will not.

RIDE Ontario Program (Ontario Equine Federation)

This program is a fun, easy way to get rewarded for doing something that you love doing.  Every hour you spend riding or driving brings you closer to a reward level. The program is open to all OEF members – there is no age limit and the program is open to all disciplines.  Participants must maintain an OEF membership.