OCTRA Disciplines

Over the years OCTRA has broadened the disciplines offered to include:

  1. Training Rides,
  2. Mileage Rides,
  3. Ride ‘n Tie,
  4. Competitive Trail,
  5. Set Speed,
  6. Limited Distance, and
  7. Endurance.


  • Riders must compete within a maximum time limit across all disciplines or they will be disqualified (excluding Training Rides). Except for Endurance rides there is also a minimum time limit.
  • Horse welfare is the priority at all OCTRA events and all horses must pass vet checks before, during and after each ride.
  • Equines must be four years or older to participate in Training Rides, Mileage Rides, Competitive Trail Rides
  • Equines must be five years or older to participate in Ride ‘n Tie, Competitive Trail (≥56km), Set Speed Silver & Gold levels, Endurance, including Limited Distance, or events that occur over more than one day
  • Each rider MUST wear a certified equestrian helmet and have the appropriate equine insurance. As well, all horses must have a current negative Coggins/EIA Test dated and signed by their vet (Training Rides may exclude this).