Honour Roll Horses

The following horses have been accepted onto the OCTRA Honour Roll.

Honour Roll horses must have retired in serviceably sound condition and have at least five years of good performance.

Profiles with links were researched and re-typed by Kristen Howard.

FlirtWithEcstacy owned by Wendy Benns (2017)
JC Quick Quint (aka Quint) owned by Connie Rawski (2016)
Silver Orrion owned by Lesley Danko (2016)
Twist-A-Borr (aka Twist) owned by Lesley Danko (2016)
Vigil Flash FGF owned by Christian Valois & Patricia Calleya (2016)
Aaristocat  (aka Ritz) owned by Deborah McBride (2016)
Nazbes Obi-Wan Gunobi (aka Gunner) owned by Dagmar Downes (2015)
Raemes Magiciann owned by Tom Paleczny (2014)
Chanticleer Shadow owned by Elaine Steele (2013)
Csardas Ryptide owned by Carol Lewin (2011)
RL Sophia owned by Sandra Kendall (2010)
Soaring Eagle (Aquilla) owned by Joan Storrey (2008)
Risky Reserve owned by Mike Downing (2008)
Kabar Raftah owned by Rick Burnside (2007)
Fleetwood Shadow owned by Elaine Steele (2006)
Csardas Tetley owned by Ron Savard (2005)
Cimbab owned by Barb Foubert (2005)
EG Chloe owned by Marg Murray (2004)
Glenaren Adaar owned by Peter Renton (2004)
Arablea Chantelle owned by Barbara Forbes (2003)
PK Magistrate owned by Heather Claridge (2002)
Hawthorne Blue Jay owned by Barb Forbes (1999)
Jerah’s Khedive (Joel) owned by Laurie Miller (1995)
Nakina owned by Dianne Moore
J.S. Duke owned by Judy Saunders
Prinz owned by Rae Fyfe/Peter Renton
Topper owned by Lesley Danko
Gyrl owned by Connie Rawski
Freena owned by Di. Lindblad
Brasset owned by Pat Dales
Nugget owned by Nancy Beacon
Maverick owned by Di. Lindblad
Joker owned by Pat Robertson
Barra Djadah owned by Ruth Kitchen
Garock (Phoenix) owned by Di. Regendanz
Sanman+++ owned by Harold van Dyke
Hawthorne Ankerah (Ari) owned by Barb. Forbes
Pawley’s Playboy owned by Fred Buchanan
C.H. Tiffany Mae owned by Tina Fyfe
Poco owned by Sue Koost
Miss Coffee Doll owned by Shirley Dennis
Trijas Whipper Popper owned by Nancy Beacon
Farasan Halifa owned by Kay Melvin
Diablo’s Jubilee Boy owned by Carol Lewin (Lidstone)


  1. The horse nominated must be retired from active competition.
  2. The horse must have been retired in serviceably sound condition, and have at least five years of good performance.
  3. Owner or rider must have been an OCTRA member in good standing during the horse’s years of competition.
  4. May be nominated by the owner or interested party.
  5. Must be voted on by all Directors, with a 2/3 majority of the whole.



Nominations must be in to the OCTRA Secretary 60 days prior to the AGM.