OCTRA Mentor List

We have a very active mentor program in OCTRA. Each mentor has a bit of a different focus, so read through and have a look at what type of mentoring they do.
They are all happy to answer questions. A few of the mentors will meet up with you on trail for occasional conditioning rides. All of them will coach by email and/or phone.

If you have any problems contacting any of the mentors, please let the webmaster know so contact info can be corrected if necessary.


Deb McBride – Kitchener area
Can help with any level from beginner up to 100 mile endurance.
[Deb has competed at all levels, including FEI. She’s represented Canada internationally and has over 6000 OCTRA competion miles. More if you count her AERC miles. ]

Wendy MacCoubrey – Ste Justine-de-Newton, QC (winters in Florida)
Beginners to FEI. Very experienced at international levels.

Deanna Ramsay – Aurora (North of Toronto)
Beginners, juniors, Set Speed.
[Both a competitor and an OCTRA accredited Veterinary Lay Judge.]

Susan Aldis – Bethany (Peterborough area)
cell 289 527 4404
[Sue is long-time OCTRA competitor who has a lot of experience in the horse industry in general, so she’s very knowledgeable in many areas.]

Dessia Miller – Ottawa/Cornwall areas.
Mentor from Green Bean to FEI – Adults and Juniors.
[Dessia is an experienced rider at all levels up to FEI, and has represented Canada internationally. She is an Arabian breeder, as well as a coach.]

Nancy Beacon – Flesherton
Can mentor anyone to do anything!
[Nancy Beacon is our most experienced endurance rider. She was one of the three founding members of OCTRA in 1968. She has represented Canada at multiple World Equestrian Games, both as rider and coach. Much of her lifetime mileage was not recorded since it pre-dated the systems. But she has many thousands. ]

Linda Klarner – Georgetown
<> New riders
[Linda is one of our newer riders. She’s done very well and has done a lot of competing in just a few years.]

Marg Murray – Tottenham
No question is too small. The only dumb question is the one not asked. If I don’t know the answer I’ll help to find someone who does.
[Marg has been an OCTRA rider for decades, and has tons of experience. She’s represented Ontario at the national level.]

Nancy Zukewich – Ottawa
Getting started in distance riding and having fun along the way youth and young at heart.
[Nancy is an up-and-coming FEI level rider. She has represented Canada at NAETC level.]

Rose Danko – New Lowell (near Angus)
Set Speed Rides
[Rose is a very long-time OCTRA member and Ride Manager and is our resident expert on Set Speed Rides, which she worked very hard to introduce to OCTRA.]

Pat St. Jean – Smith Falls, Ontario
<> Endurance 50 miles and CTRs
[Pat is a farrier, as well as a regular competitor.]

Carol Steiner – Vanessa (Brantford area)
Endurance 50, 100 miles, multi days and everything between!
[Carol is one of OCTRA’s most accomplished riders at both the local and FEI levels. She has nearly 7000 OCTRA miles and many more AERC miles. She’s represented Canada internationally.]

Bob Gielen – Florida/Flesherton, Ontario
Endurance 50’s and up.
[Bob is an upper level FEI rider. He has represented Canada internationally multiple times.]