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By-laws and Policy

Standard Forms For Members

  • Online Membership Application Form
  • Consolidate Membership Application and Equine Enrollment – printable (PDF)
    Please read the form carefully and sign the third page. Mailing and payment instructions are in the PDF version.
  • Standard Ride Entry Form (PDF)
    Please read the form carefully and sign the second page
    All OCTRA Entry Forms must be accompanied by a negative Coggins Test, the appropriate equine insurance and the correct entry fee.
  • OCTRA Online Equine Enrollment
  • OCTRA Horse Membership Application (PDF)
    Beginning in 2019, to receive ANY OCTRA year end award, a horse must have an OCTRA Horse ID. For horses without a current OCTRA Horse ID, submit the “one time only” $30 fee and Horse Membership Form for each new horse. This applies only to horses without an OCTRA Horse ID already assigned. A full explanation of the new rules is on the form.
  • Riders in Distance Reward ProgramRider Application (PDF)
    Rider enrollment in Distance Awards is included with OCTRA Membership starting 2019. If you wish previous years’ mileage to be included there is still an additional $40 charge.
  • Members Equine Insurance Options
    Each member is responsible for having their own (or family) equine insurance package and must present it to the Ride Secretary at each OCTRA sanctioned event.

Financial Forms

  • Request for Ride/Event Advance (PDF)
    Ride Managers, Committee Chairs and event organizers may approach the OCTRA Board of Directors for an advance on future expected revenues from the upcoming ride/event. Monies must be returned to OCTRA at the end of the event using the Expense Report (PDF).
  • Special Funding Request(PDF)
    Ride Managers, Committee Chairs, event organizers and OCTRA members may approach the OCTRA Board of Directors to request funding for a specific idea/activity/event. Request should fall under one of the following categories: Non-Recurring Program, Trail Maintenance, Ride Hosting Incentives or Other (please explain in detail). Please use the Expense Report (PDF) to remit expenditures that have been previously approved by the Board.
  • Expense Report (PDF)
    Ride Managers, Committee Chairs and event organizers should use this form to report back any expenses (include all receipts) previously approved by the Board of Directors.