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NOTE: Have on hand your OCTRA Membership ID and this horse's Current OCTRA Horse Number (i.e. its HorseID). If this horse does not have an OCTRA HorseID leave that field blank and it will be assigned and you will be notified of the new number later.

With this form, one rider or owner may submit for one horse any of the following:

  • Enrollment in Year-End Awards. $30 one-time fee. Beginning 2019 this now includes Distance Rewards.
    A horse already enrolled in Distance Rewards need not enroll again. Check here...
  • Request inclusion in a specific Year-End Breed Award category - No Fee Required -
    e.g. Arabian, Part Arabian, Morgan, Part Morgan, MORAB, Quarter Horse, Standardbred, Gaited or Best of the Rest.
  • Upload documentation supporting a specific Breed Award category.
    Not required for Best of the Rest.

Rules in Detail

    1. The rider or owner must be an active member of OCTRA (not an Associate member) successfully completing any Endurance, Limited Distance, Competitive Trail, Set Speed, Ride and Tie, Mileage or Training Ride sanctioned by OCTRA.
    2. A fee of $30.00 per horse, one-time non-refundable, must be paid for each horse enrolled in the program. Once a horse is enrolled, distance from this point on will be tallied.
    3. A fee of $10.00 applies for transfer of ownership between OCTRA members of a horse already enrolled in the program. A plaque
      with the new owner’s name may be purchased if desired for $30.00 and will be provided at the next Annual General Meeting.
    4. In order to claim mileage for years prior to enrolling in the program, there is a $40.00 surcharge on top of the $30.00 enrollment fee. Proof of completions must be sent to the Distance Reward Program Coordinator. In order to use mileage incurred when the owner/rider was not an OCTRA member, OCTRA membership fees must also be paid for those years.
    5. Effective January 1, 1986, mileage from one OCTRA recognized out-of-province ride may be used each year. Proof of completion must be sent to the Distance Reward Program Coordinator.
    6. A plaque will be given when each horse reaches the 800km mark. Mileage plates will be awarded for attachment to the plaque for 1600km, 2400km, etc.
    7. In order to be ranked in the Best of the Rest Award category, owner must indicate the request in the Breed Awards section to enroll a horse in this category.
    8. In order for your horse to be eligible for a Breed Award please upload a scan of your registration papers with this form or mail photocopies to
      Elaine Steele, Distance Rewards Coordinator, 161 Semler Lane, Perth, Ontario, K7H 3C6.

Step 1: Please indicate your method of Payment: ChequeeTransferPayPalNot Applicable

Send check payable to "OCTRA" to Elaine Steele, Distance Rewards Coordinator, 161 Semler Lane, Perth, Ontario, K7H 3C6
Pay by e-transfer to treasurer@octra.on.ca
After form submission, a link will appear to the Fees and Payment Methods page.
There is no fee for enrolled horses to request inclusion in Year-End Breed Awards including Best of the Rest.

Step 2: Rider or Owner Details Asterisk * indicates required fields

*Owner Name: *Owner OCTRA #:
*Phone: *Email

Step 3: Equine Details Asterisk * indicates required fields

OCTRA Horse #: Required if the horse has an OCTRA HorseID.
Leave blank if this horse does not have a HorseID. Search for HorseID here... (opens in new tab)

*Horse Name:

Breed: Breed Registration #:
*Sex: MareGeldingStallion Foaling Date YYYY-MM-DD:
Sire: Dam:
Height: Colour:
First discipline and distance claiming mileage:
Event name and date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Enter Breed Awards? YESNOBest of the Rest

Step 4: Year-end Breed Award Request

Breed Award Request ArabianPart ArabianMorganPart MorganMORABQuarter HorseStandardbredGaited
Registration Documents: Canada PostAttached
Upload limit: 2 MB, allowed formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, odt
Required: Document 1
Optional: Document 2
Mail document to: Elaine Steele, Distance Rewards Coordinator, 161 Semler Lane, Perth, Ontario, K7H 3C6

NOTE: Horses competing in Best of the Rest should not otherwise be eligible for a more specific breed category.

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