Education Clinics

Education Clinics are available across Ontario throughout the year. These clinics range from “Endurance 101” to “Beyond the Basics”.

Endurance 101. These are introductory clinics for people new to the sport, typically conducted in a classroom-type setting, but ideally with access to endurance tack and equipment and horses, upon whom veterinary checks can be simulated and metabolic (heart rate, skin pinch, cap refill, tack/back soreness) checks taught to the clinic attendees in a hands-on setting. Topics can range from a description of the various disciplines, training & conditioning of the equine partner, proper equine nutrition including electrolyting, camping with horses, what to expect at a competition including vet checks, trails, proper etiquette, etc.

Beyond the Basics. These clinics are generally intended for riders who have done some competing but are looking to increase their level of performance in the sport. They are designed to help riders redefine skills and move up in distance.

Clinics hosted or sponsored by OCTRA are normally listed in our   Ride Calendar.  Usually there are at least two all-day “101” Clinics offered in season at OCTRA sanctioned events which include Training Rides (Training Rides) on marked trails in a competition setting.  Other more informal or smaller clinics may be posted in the OCTRA Facebook group page.

Please contact our Education Chair (Committee Contacts) if you are looking for more information or would like to host a clinic in your area.