OCTRA Online Membership Application

OCTRA Membership Year: 2019

  • This form is for one individual or one family to apply for or to renew OCTRA membership.
  • For Equine Enrollments in Year-End Awards use the OCTRA Online Equine Enrollment.
  • There are 9 steps. All must be completed.

Step 1: Please indicate your method of Payment: CashChequeeTransferPayPalNot Applicable

Where, when and to whom was cash given:
Send check payable to "OCTRA" to OCTRA Membership, 309 Alice St. Kincardine, ON N2Z 2R1
Pay by e-transfer to treasurer@octra.on.ca
After form submission, a link will appear to the Fees and Payment Methods page.
Only Lifetime and Honorary Members are exempt from membership dues.

Step 2. Please specify: New MembershipMembership Renewal

Welcome! How you heard about OCTRA? FriendInternetTraining ClinicTraining RideSanctioned EventOther
Welcome back! Please enter your OCTRA Membership number:

Step 3: Select membership type:
Riders/Owners are eligible for Year-End Awards and Distance Reward Program recognition once achieving 800km, 1600km, 2400km, etc.

$30.00 (Under 18 as of January 1, 2019) Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • YOUTH compete as Junior Riders if 16 or 17 years old on the day of competition.
  • YOUTH compete as Sponsored Riders if under 16 on the day of competition.
$50.00 (18 years of age and over as of January 1, 2019)
Membership fee is waived for Life and Honorary members. Please indicate if this applies to you:
$75.00 Two adults in one household, may include youth (under 18 as of January 1, 2019)
$35.00 Non-competing member/OCTRA Supporter - not eligible for year-end and/or voting.

Step 4: Complete the Contact & Insurance Information form.
*Mandatory*: Name, Email, Address, Town/City, Province, Postal Code, Phone1

*Name* *Email*
*Address* *Phone1*
Address2 Phone2 (cell)
*Province* *Postal Code*


For all riders, equine liability insurance ($1,000,000) must be stated on this form. Off-Farm Policies must indicate $1,000,000 liability coverage applies to equine participation in a competitive environment.

Non-competitors (volunteers, supporters, etc.) may select "Not Applicable" if they do not have coverage.

Coverage by: OEFCRHRANot ApplicableOTHER <-Company if "Other"
OEF/CRHRA/Policy #:

Family Membership Second Adult

Name Renewal
Insurance Name Ins. Policy #

Family Membership Youth

  • YOUTH compete as Junior Riders if 16 or 17 years old on the day of competition.
  • YOUTH compete as Sponsored Riders if under 16 on the day of competition.
Name Birthdate
Ins. Name Ins. Policy #

Step 5: Photography Release
On occasion OCTRA uses photos of our members from various OCTRA events to promote our association and sport to our own membership as well as to the general public. To that end, we would appreciate it if you would sign the following release. I hereby give OCTRA the right to use photographs taken of me at OCTRA events for publishing, illustration, advertising, trade or any other user in any medium for any purpose. I release OCTRA from any claims and demands coming out of the use of the photographs, including any claims for libel. This release also covers OCTRA’s legal representatives and any licenses of these photographs.
I Accept AgreementI Decline Agreement

Step 6: Liability Release
I agree to abide by the rules of OCTRA as well as other event sanctioning bodies (including but not limited to American Endurance Ride Conference, Endurance Canada and FEI). I understand that distance riding involves being in remote areas for extended periods of time, far from communication, transportation and medical facilities; that these areas have many natural and manmade hazards including unpredictable weather conditions, which ride managers cannot anticipate, identify, modify, or eliminate; that horses can be excitable, difficult to control, unpredictable; that accidents can happen to anyone at any time. I agree to take full responsibility for myself and the animal that I am riding. I will hold the event management, all personnel and all property owners over whose land the ride crosses, blameless for any accident or loss that might occur due to my participation in the ride and free from liability for such injury or loss.
I have read and fully understand this Liability Release Agreement

Step 7: Directory Listing Option
Does OCTRA have permission to publish your name, address, email and phone #s annually in our membership directory which will be
made available only to members?

Step 8: Volunteer Option
Volunteers are eligible for Year-End Awards and Recognition plaques once achieving 800 credits with bars awarded for 1600, 2400
etc. Does OCTRA have permission to contact you in relation to volunteering at our events or for other OCTRA related activities?

Step 9: Finished!! Please review the form details for errors then click the button below.

Go to Fees and Payment Methods to pay online or review other payment methods.

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