How to Enter an OCTRA Ride

OCTRA sanctions ride events but you do not register with OCTRA to participate. Each event is organized and managed by a recognized Ride Manager. Each event has one or more rides. You must register for the specific rides you wish to undertake at an event.  Register directly with the relevant Ride Manager.

  1. Read the Ride Flyer
  • Go to the Ride Calendar and open the Flyer for the pertinent event. This will include details on contact information, location, entry fees and payment methods.
  1. Complete and mail the entry form to the Ride Secretary listed on the Flyer.
    • Most rides use the Standard Ride Entry Form (PDF). Occasionally a particular ride will provide their own entry form. If so, that information will be on the ride flyer.
    • If your horse has an OCTRA Horse Number please enter it.
    • If rider(s) and/or horse owner(s) have an OCTRA Membership Number please enter them.
    • Include payment check with the form or by other method as indicated on the flyer.
  • Have the following items prepared and with you on ride day:
    1. Current Coggins test
    2. Appropriate equine insurance  (Equine Insurance Options)
    3. OCTRA membership (or you may pay a day fee)
    4. Other memberships or day fees IF required (eg. AERC, FEI)