National Competition

National Competition

OCTRA sanctioned endurance rides may also be cross-sanctioned with other organizations, such as American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), and Equestrian Canada (EC)


Canadian National Championships

The first Canadian Championship was held in Ontario in 1985 and in 1986 the competition was hosted in the Maritimes in New Brunswick. The tradition has been continued as a National event held bi-annually on even numbered years.

Originally, provincial long distance riding organizations (PO) that were members of the Canadian Long Distance Riders Association (CaLDRA) bid directly to CaLDRA to host the National Endurance, Competitive Trail and Ride ‘n Tie Championships with this event alternating between the ‘east’ and ‘west’ regions to provide equal opportunity for riders to compete at the national level.

Since the dissolution of CaLDRA, the Canadian National Championships are now sanctioned through Equestrian Canada and are primarily endurance events. Canadians participating in the Championships do so as team and as individual provincial representatives. Their nominations and entries are processed through their provincial organization who submits them directly to the Ride Management Secretary of the hosting province.

Since CTR and Ride ‘n Tie, as well as Set Speed, are not disciplines that are used across all provinces, they are no longer officially a part of the Canadian National Championships; however, often the hosting province will include these other disciplines when they are hosting this event. Canadian Championships can also be sanctioned with AERC.

For more information on events and horse & rider qualifications, go to Equestrian Canada Endurance.