A Tribute to Raemes Magiciann

Raemes Magiciann

Somewhere…somewhere in time’s own space

there must be some sweet pastured place.

Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow

some Paradise where horses go.

For by the love that guides my pen

I know great horses live again.

Stanley Harrison

I said goodbye to my dearest partner, Magic.

Magic was an amazing horse that put his all into every ride we had together. We made a team that was built out of trust and respect, and between the two of us we shared many miles of trail. Mag, Lesley and I traveled many long miles throughout North America and traversed some of the most beautiful trails including the Old Dominion where Mag and I completed the Old Dominion 100 Calvary in 2009 (first Canadian horse to achieve this on that trail and second Canadian horse in the history of the Old Dominion); he completed many miles of the Old Dominion trail and in 2007 he finished 11th – a feat in itself!

Mag amassed an incredible amount of achievements in his years of Endurance, Competitive Trail and Ride ‘n Tie. In 2006 we ended the season with several awards:

  • OCTRA’S High Point Horse Overall
  • High Point Half-Arab
  • High Point Ride ‘n Tie
  • Top Ten Endurance (Reserve), and
  • High Mileage Horse.

Between 2006 and 2009 we were awarded OCTRA’s Horsemanship/Sportsmanship Award three times. In 2009 he was North American Anglo-Arabian Horse Association (NAAAHA) Reserve Champion and in 2010 he was the NAAAHA Champion in North America. These are only a few of his many accomplishments.

He mentored/paced many young horses on trail and also taught many young riders. In his career we were pulled only three times; he was a tough, tough horse and he loved the trail.

Magic, Lesley, the grandchildren who rode you and I will all miss you dearly; but you will live on in our thoughts and memories forever!

Goodbye my partner, my friend!

Tom Paleczny