One Giant Leap for the Distance Rewards Program

Changes to the enrollment process for the Distance Rewards Program have been approved by the Board of Directors to increase clarity and member participation. The changes affect renewing members, new members, currently competing horses, all new horses, and horses changing owners. In brief, beginning in 2019, OCTRA Membership automatically includes the Distance Rewards Program for riders. In addition, for a horse to compete for any year end award, the horse must be registered with OCTRA.

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AGM – Voting by Proxy

At the 2016 AGM members introduced voting by proxy. This permits members who cannot attend the AGM to still have their views expressed and to contribute their vote on OCTRA resolutions and elections. The rules are outlined in paragraph 3.1.2 of the OCTRA Rule Book including a basic example proxy form.

The 2017 AGM is the first time OCTRA will allow proxy voting. Therefore the likely number of proxy assignments is a complete unknown to the AGM organizing committee. In order to forestall possible complications and delays at registration, members are requested to inform the OCTRA Secretary ten days in advance (i.e. by Wednesday, February 7, 2018) of their intention to assign proxy and to whom their proxy will be assigned. Please send this information by email to

NOTE: Notwithstanding the above, the AGM registration desk will continue to process proxy forms up to the start of the AGM meeting.

For your convenience, here is a link to an useful proxy form that covers all the bases.

2018 Membership Stickers

I have 2018 stickers now for the membership cards. “So what?” you may ask. I answer that it means I can now process 2018 membership renewals! 🙂
A few have already send info and money in and I have not forgotten you 😉 I will process them in the next couple weeks. If I feel ambitious it may be this weekend. So if you want a jump start in renewing your membership – bring it on LOL I will be renewing memberships at the AGM between the meeting and the banquet and whenever else I feel thusly inclined 🙄
To make it a painless as possible (and possibly alcohol proof) please be kind and bring a filled out membership form (some will be on hand) and some form of payment and trade it for a receipt and 2018 sticker.
See you soon!
P.S. More membership information stuff is here ➡  Membership

Recall of Request for Membership Vote

Dear OCTRA Member

The OCTRA Board of Directors has decided to recall the request for a membership vote on four resolutions recently sent via Constant Contact due to identified issues in the mechanics of voting and difficulties ensuring the full membership receipt.  The resolutions will be returned to the Committee Chair.

Please ensure as a member, that the OCTRA Membership Secretary has your current email address especially for family memberships as individual email addresses are required.  Since the majority of members have email access, the OCTRA Board of Directors will continue to reach out using this format.  As a member should you not have email access please indicate a current mailing address.

In the future, recommended resolutions by committees will be posted, with an end date, as a draft resolution to the OCTRA website Forum for member discussion and will include a review requirement by the committee chair, before the final recommended resolution is submitted to the OCTRA Board of Directors for approved membership distribution and voting.

We thank you for your understanding and contributions during a time of reorganizing and restructuring and encourage members to volunteer for specific committees.  Presently a Rulebook Committee is forming and requesting volunteers.


OCTRA Board of Directors

Thank you Michelle Bignell

For the past four years Michelle Bignell has kept OCTRA’s books and financials on a solid footing with her extensive background  in commercial finance and accounting. This spring she decided to resign as OCTRA Treasurer. OCTRA will miss her eagle eye and QuickBooks acumen. Thank you for your years of service and all you have contributed to the health and vitality of this community.

The Board of Directors has launched a search for a new treasurer. Interested members should contact
The Board of Directors has appointed Rick Burnside as Treasurer.