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  • Latest Ride Secretary Spreadsheet,
  • Latest Set Speed Scoring Spreadsheet

For Ride Managers

2017 Promotions

  • First Time Ride Free
  • Please feel free to share this promotion with friends and post at barns, tack shops, etc.


Rule Book, Policies, Handbooks & Standard Entry Form

  • OCTRA Rule Book NOTE: Amendments pending from Feb. 2018 AGM
  • OCTRA Policy Statements
  • OCTRA Ride Managers Handbook (PDF)
    This handbook is intended as a guide for new Ride Managers and as a reference for veteran Mangers. As much detail as possible has been covered, however, some conditions may have inadvertently been missed. If there is additional material you would like to see included in this Handbook, please contact the Sanctioning Chair.
  • Stormont Ride Bible (PDF)
    This document was created by the 2014 Stormont Organizing Committee and is a comprehensive guide on various components of hosting rides for all OCTRA disciplines and may be of assistance to new Ride Managers.
  • Standard Ride Entry Form (PDF)
    All OCTRA Entry Forms must be accompanied by a negative Coggins Test, the appropriate equine insurance and the correct entry fee.
  • Ontario Equestrian Federation Consussion Policy Guidelines

Certificate of Insurance

These forms cover the association insurance, i.e. OCTRA insurance, for OCTRA and its rides.

OCTRA Insurance 2018

Please note: Our insurance company is no longer able to add additional landowners’ names to our policy. ALL LANDOWNERS are covered by this insurance – their specific name DOES NOT have to be listed – the new forms stress this. The list of names that have been added to date is included on page 4 but no additional names will be added in the future.


Ride Sanctioning

Judy Durst  judydurst@gmail.com 705-725-8379

  • Ride Sanction Application (PDF)
    Application must be received by the Sanctioning Chair 90 days prior to the proposed event date.
  • Championship Ride Sanction Application (PDF)
    Applications must be received by the Sanctioning Chair 12 months prior to the proposed Championship date.  This enables members to participate in rides in the current season in order to qualify for the Championship.


Vets & Lay Judges


Veterinarian Cards

  1. Endurance
  2. Set Speed
  3. Ride ‘n Tie
  4. Back of END, SS, and RnT cards
  5. Set Speed Completion Certificate
  6. CTR Card (2-sided)




Post-Ride Reports

  • Ride Summary Report
    An updated Ride Secretary Spread Sheet will be forwarded by the Points Chair to Ride Management for inputting all ride data. Please remit complete, accurate report to Points Chair within two weeks of ride.
  • List of Day Members at Event Report (PDF)
    Please remit to Treasurer within two weeks of ride.
  • Items Payable to OCTRA Report (PDF)
    Please remit to Treasurer within two weeks of ride.
  • Worker Credit Report
    This information is included in the Ride Secretary Spread Sheet.

 Financial Forms

  • Request for Ride/Event Advance (PDF)
    Ride Managers, Committee Chairs and event organizers may approach the OCTRA Board of Directors for an advance on future expected revenues from the upcoming ride/event. Monies must be returned to OCTRA at the end of the event using the Expense Report (PDF).
  • Special Funding Request(PDF)
    Ride Managers, Committee Chairs, event organizers and OCTRA members may approach the OCTRA Board of Directors to request funding for a specific idea/activity/event. Request should fall under one of the following categories: Non-Recurring Program, Trail Maintenance, Ride Hosting Incentives or Other (please explain in detail). Please use the Expense Report (PDF) to remit expenditures that have been previously approved by the Board.
  • Expense Report (PDF)
    Ride Managers, Committee Chairs and event organizers should use this form to report back any expenses (include all receipts) previously approved by the Board of Directors.