The Awards Banquet is a major part of OCTRA’s Annual General meeting (AGM) which is held yearly on the second or third weekend of February in a centrally located hotel. You DO NOT have to be an OCTRA member to attend any of the AGM events and it is an excellent time to learn about OCTRA and long-distance riding as well as meet potential mentors and riding partners. Please see the OCTRA Rule Book for a full description and rules on all of our Awards.


Many of our annual awards are based on nominations from our membership.  A call goes out to all of our members to nominate deserving riders for a variety of accomplishments.  Please note all Nominations must be submitted by email to the Board Secretary on or before December 1st.  Any received after that date will not be included for the Board to consider.

In your Nomination email please include the following:

  1. The title of the Award,
  2. The name of the person you are nominating,
  3. Their OCTRA membership number (if applicable),
  4. Why you are nominating this person
  5. Your name and OCTRA membership number.

Rookie Worker :

Perpetual Trophy donated by Marion Shearer is given in recognition of outstanding service to OCTRA (Does not need to be an OCTRA member and may not necessarily need to be in the first year as a volunteer).

Top Pit Crew :

Donated by Deborah McBride and Mike Robinson, it is given to the Pit Crew who best displays:

  • A willingness to help others
  • Organization and knowledge of duties
  • The ability to keep his/her ‘cool’ while those around him/her are losing theirs
  • Nominated crews must have crewed two or more rides during the nominated season
  • Recipients of this trophy do not have to be OCTRA members.

Junior Horsemanship/Sportsmanship :

Perpetual trophy donated by Canadian Radio Communications and Safety Group:

  • By regarding the horse as a team member and displaying good horsemanship.
  • By displaying good sportsmanship towards other riders, ride staff etc.

Senior Horsemanship/Sportsmanship :

The Mike Cottenden Memorial Trophy donated by Chrystal Woodhouse and Rob Wright. This award is given to the person who best displays a true love of the sport.

  • By regarding the horse as a team member and displaying good horsemanship.
  • By displaying good sportsmanship towards other riders, ride staff etc.>

Athlete of the Year :

An award given for athletic achievement (doing the best with what you’ve got). Donated by Willis Farms Arabians (Dianne & Garnet Willis) & Ruth Benns.

Outstanding OCTRA Member :

The Esau Lewin Legacy Award donated by Ron & Julie Phair and presented to the member who has contributed immensely to the organization by their generosity in giving of themselves and their time to OCTRA.

Stall of Fame

(Forward Nomination outlining all requirements via email to the OCTRA Secretary)

For horses who have proved to be “OUTSTANDING IN THEIR TIME” in OCTRA events and owned by or have been owned by an OCTRA member during the time of its outstanding achievements. Criteria as follows (any two must be met). Criteria may be updated with a change of Board of Directors.

  • OCTRA Year End Top Ten in any three (3) of the four disciplines for at least two years.
  • A consistent record demonstrating a high completion rate.
  • Horse has been short listed for a national or international event more than once.
  • A record of longevity and performance. For example, the horse has been in competition for more than five (5) years with 80% or greater top ten finishes.

Additional Stall of Fame considerations

  • Horse must have shown qualities of achievement that were above all others competing at that time.
  • Achievements outside OCTRA recognized events will be taken into consideration providing the horse has achieved a good measure of his/her successes in OCTRA sanctioned events.

For example:
If a horse has shown a high level of success at out of province competitions they should also be listed, but will not be considered if it’s at home success is only slightly above average.

Horses may be nominated for this award at any time. For example: If a horse was retired 15 years ago, and records can prove that the horse competed at a level that separated it from other horses competing at that time, it would be eligible for Nomination to the Stall of Fame. Each horse nominated must have a letter of accomplishments and the reason that the nominee feels this makes the horse “outstanding in its time”. If there is any doubt as to the accuracy of the facts presented in the minds of any Board member, these must be checked out prior to the decision. Acceptance into the Stall of Fame will be the decision of 80% or more of the Board of Directors.

Horse Honour Roll

(Forward Nomination outlining all requirements via email to the OCTRA Secretary)

  • The horse nominated must be retired from active competition.
  • The horse must have been retired in serviceably sound condition, and have at least five years of good performance.
  • Owner or rider must have been an OCTRA member in good standing during the horse’s years of competition.
  • May be nominated by the owner or interested party.
  • Must be voted on by all Directors, with a 2/3 majority of the whole.



MEMBERS WHO HAVE RENEWED their OCTRA membership as of June 30th of the current year shall be eligible to have results tabulated for all year-end awards.

Breed Awards:

ARABIAN: Barrah Memorial Perpetual Trophy, perpetual trophy originally donated by Mimi Boelbaum.
ARABIANAl Khamsa: donated by Michelle Bignell & Bob Coleman. Last year of this award: 2016. On behalf of the membership of OCTRA, I wish to thank Bob and Michelle for their contribution to the year end awards.
Part Arabian: Keeper donated by Dave & Marg Murray (Tecumseth Arabians).

MORGAN: Perpetual trophy donated by the Canadian Morgan Horse Assoc., Ontario Zone.
Part Morgan: Perpetual trophy donated by the Canadian Morgan Horse Assoc., Ontario Zone.

QUARTER HORSE: Pawley’s Playboy Trophy, donated by Fred Buchanan.
STANDARDBRED: Donated by Standardbred Performance Horse Association.
BEST OF THE REST: (other breed or non-registered): Perpetual trophy donated by Wendy & Emma @Webb. Other Breed awards such as Top Appaloosa, etc. may be available if there is sufficient number of horses in each category.

Individual Awards:

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: An award is given based on the overall performance by a first year competitor.

HIGH POINT NOVICE RIDERS: Top Ten Ribbons shall be given to riders (regardless of the horse ridden) for the highest total scores in the novice division.

HIGH POINT NOVICE RIDER/HORSE (TEAM):  The Nurturing Enduring Partnerships Trophy for the Top Novice Horse & Rider Team Award, donated by Sharon and Tom Anderegg, is given to the top placing novice rider for competitions rider. (Only riders competing in, and points from, Set Speed and Novice Division Competitive Trail rides – are eligible for this award.)

HIGH POINT JUNIOR RIDER: The Founders Award will be presented to the OCTRA high point junior rider in honour of our founding members (Nancy Beacon, Di Linblad and Di Regendanz).

HIGHEST MILEAGE RIDER: Perseverance Award donated each year by Pat and Donna St Jean to the rider accumulating the most miles in a year.

HIGHEST MILEAGE HORSE: The GBJ Carabar Trophy donated by the Rawski family, to the horse accumulating the most miles in the year.



HIGH POINT RIDE ’n TIE TEAMS: There are three divisions in Ride ’n Tie, Top Senior Team, Junior Team and Jr/Sr Team. Awards will be granted to the High Point Senior, Junior Team, and Jr/Sr Teams. A “team” must consist of the same two runners and the same horse throughout the year.


HIGH POINT COMPETITIVE TRAIL HORSES: Awards are given to the Highest Placing horse for the year, the Reserve horse with ribbons for the top ten


PLACED RIDES: All horses (Bronze/Silver/Gold) riding a given distance on a given day will be ranked/placed in order of their set speed performance score.
GRADED RIDES: Points are awarded based on the Chart 1 scoring method, the grade level achieved and the ride level entered.
HIGH POINT SET SPEED HORSES: Awards are given to the Highest Placing horse for the year and Reserve horse ribbons for Top Three for each level (Bronze, Silver, Gold)


HIGH POINT ENDURANCE HORSES: Awards are given for the Highest Placing horse for the year and Reserve horse with Ribbons for the Top Ten.
HIGH POINT BEST CONDITION: Sally Van Dyke Memorial Trophy [0riginally donated by Les Wagshal (Shalom Farms) in memory of Sally Van Dyke]


TOP HORSES OVERALL: The Jashir Memorial Trophy donated by Kris Adamson is awarded to the highest placing horse overall and Reserve horse with Ribbons for Top Ten.

Lifetime Achievement:


  • Volunteers working ride/events shall be awarded worker completion certificates indicating (25 worker credits for rides of 80km/50miles or less & 50 worker credits for rides over 80km/50miles or two day rides.)
  • Volunteers who participate at Board approved events, on OCTRA’s behalf shall be awarded 12 worker credits for a half day (4 hours) & 25 worker credits for a full day (8 hours).
  • Volunteers for named positions within OCTRA shall be awarded for each of the following positions: 100 worker credits in each of the following positions: Board of Directors, Committee Chairs as appointed by the BOD, and other positions as decided by the BOD. An OCTRA member holding more than one position is awarded credits for all positions held.
  • Credits accrue for Year End and Lifetime Awards.

WORKER MILEAGE: Is in recognition on an equal basis for all workers who volunteer to help OCTRA and its membership. Recipients are not required to be OCTRA members.
WORKER AWARDS: Workers will be awarded 200 credit & 500 credit levels and for each 500 credit increment thereafter.


RIDER AWARDS: The rider will be awarded for each 800km (500 miles) increment.
HORSE AWARDS: The horse will receive a plaque upon reaching the 800km (500 mile) mark. Distance plates will be made for the existing plaque for 1600km, 2400km, etc.


Ride Manager Recognition

High Vet Score: Presented to the horse & rider with the highest vet score at each endurance ride throughout the season (donated by Dr. Art King).