Saturday, April 8, 2017
9:00 am -7:00 pm.

Registration Fees: 

  • $100 for full participation and exam
  • $45 to audit/observe
  • $20 for vet students

Registration Deadline:  March 20th, 2017

Dawn and Howard Kadish Farm
19556 Mississauga Rd.
Caledon, Ontario.

Dr. Sarah Tiller and Dr. Bri Henderson, Co-Chairs of the OCTRA Veterinary Committee, are holding a Lay-Judge Clinic to take place Saturday, April 8, 2017, all day 9:00am -7:00pm. There has not been a Lay-Judge clinic for quite a long time. Interested candidates should e-mail Dr. Sarah Tiller [ ] directly for inquiries.

Hot meal and refreshments will be provided. 

OCTRA LAY JUDGE REQUIREMENTS: (OCTRA Policy Statements – pg. 10)

  1. In order to apply to work towards their Lay Judge status participants must:
    • Have been a member of OCTRA for at least two years
    • Have completed at least two OCTRA sanctioned rides as a rider
    • OCTRA is looking for seasoned OCTRA members to apply as Lay Judges
  2. Qualify to apprentice at OCTRA events:
    • Contact Committee Chair to initiate process
    • Study the OCTRA Rule Book and be familiar with all OCTRA competition rules
    • Attend a Lay Judge Clinic arranged by Committee Chair
    • At end of clinic, write the Lay Judge Exam and pass (with a minimum grade of 80%)
  3. Apprentice at OCTRA sanctioned events for a minimum of:
    • Two Endurance Rides
    • Two CTRs
    • Two Set Speeds (if Set Speed apprenticeship is not part of the Endurance Rides)
    • One Ride ‘n Tie (if available)
  4. During a season where one of the OCTRA disciplines is not available:
    • Participants must apprentice at two each of the available disciplines (excluding Ride ‘n Tie).
    • Participants will be qualified as a Junior Lay Judge in the disciplines successfully apprenticed (if approved by two accredited OCTRA Veterinary Control Judges)
    • The Junior Lay Judge is required to fulfill his/her missing requirements in the next season the “missing” discipline is available.
  5. For final accreditation as a Lay Judge, the approval, in writing, of two OCTRA accredited Veterinary Control Judges must be sent to the Committee Chair (with a copy to the participant).
  6. Upon completion, the successful participants will receive an OCTRA Lay Judge Certificate.
  7. If a participant fulfills all the ride requirements as listed in sections (iii) and (iv) above without receiving the approval of two OCTRA accredited Veterinary Control Judges:
    • The participant will continue apprenticing at OCTRA events as per the vet(s) instructions until they receive the required vet approvals
    • The participant will forgo becoming a Lay Judge if he/she is deemed unsuitable for the position by the Veterinary Committee.
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