The members have spoken and our new Membership Forum will be created on our website at  64% of members who responded were in favour of having their Forum on the OCTRA website rather than on a private section of the OCTRA Facebook page.   David Morgan, our Webmaster, will be working on this and will report back once it is up and running.

The Board will select a member to act as Moderator.  This forum will be for discussing OCTRA business in a private and safe environment so that such discussions do not have to take place on the public OCTRA Facebook page.  As this will be for Members Only, members will have to sign in in order to participate in discussions.  Members should be aware that any questions or suggestions they wish to be discussed by the Board must still be sent formally via email or regular post to the Secretary or any Board member.  Board members and Committee Chairs may  participate in Forum discussions as OCTRA members if they wish but will not represent the Board during these discussions.

Stay tuned for the kick off date of our new Membership Forum.

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