It has come to the attention of the BOD and many OCTRA members that the website Forum is not being fully utilized due to its complexity.  Moreover, Facebook has become prevalent and is easy to visit and easy to post.

The BOD at it’s last meeting unanimously decided to follow the wishes of many members and create a new MEMBERS-ONLY Facebook Group to replace the Website Forum. Any outstanding discussions will be moved to the new members-only group Facebook page.  Members of this new Facebook Group will indeed need to be active OCTRA members or they will be refused access.

The popular existing OCTRA PUBLIC group page (1,296 members) will remain in tact for all public members to allow encouragement to join OCTRA and see new ride events, etc. As well, the existing  official OCTRA page (439 followers) will be deleted since it is essentially a duplication of the website and is redundant.

This new OCTRA (MEMBERS-ONLY) group page will facilitate our members and allow full private association discussions which can and will be monitored by the appropriate committee chairs.

  • Chrystal Woodhouse – Education Chair
  • Rose Danko – Set Speed Chair
  • Judy Durst – Sanction Chair
  • Nancy Beacon – Endurance Chair

The monitors of the new OCTRA (MEMBERS-ONLY) group page will monitor posts for accuracy and courtesy.  Any bad behavior, rudeness or uncomplimentary comments will be deleted and the poster could be blocked from further use of this private OCTRA forum group page.

We thank you for your patience and consideration during this OCTRA journey of change.


Board of Directors

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