Ride results are up for 2016 Oktoberfest. Points are also updated. Check your results and your year end standings for errors. If you find any issues, contact the Ride Manager, Sue Downing downing_sue@yahoo.ca, for corrections.

2016-10-01OktoberfestRide n Tie10 Km/6 Miles
2016-10-01OktoberfestRide n Tie20 Km/12 Miles
2016-10-01OktoberfestGraded Set Speed11 Km/7 Miles
2016-10-01OktoberfestGraded Set Speed22 Km/14 Miles
2016-10-02OktoberfestEndurance80 Km/50 Miles
2016-10-02OktoberfestGraded Set Speed10 Km/6 Miles
2016-10-02OktoberfestGraded Set Speed21 Km/13 Miles
2016-10-02OktoberfestGraded Set Speed40 Km/25 Miles


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