Your AGM Committee is currently hard at work preparing for the upcoming AGM – February 25th, 2017, Cobourg Best Western Inn & Conference Center.

If any members have businesses they would like to promote as Vendors at this AGM, or if there is interest in specific businesses or industries, please contact any committee member for more information.

The AGM Committee would be interested in any feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc. our members have regarding Vendors or any other aspect of the AGM.  It is your meeting so let us know.


Kelsa Staffa 613-299-6277
Judy Durst 705-725-8379
Pat Kuffner 613-296-0922
Sharon Anderegg 613-987-2241


Our Webmaster, David Morgan, has added/updated a few items for us on our website.  Please note, to access the Membership List and all OCTRA Minutes, members must login first.  If you have any issues logging in please contact David,

  1. OCTRA Membership List
    • As requested and discussed at the 2015 AGM (February 2016), the OCTRA Membership List is now available to OCTRA members only.
    • See OCTRA Membership List
  2. OCTRA Current Horse Numbers List
    • The OCTRA Current Horse Numbers List is now searchable by horse’s registered name and/or owner’s name (first or last).
    • See OCTRA Current Horse Numbers List
  3. OCTRA AGM 2016 (February 2017)
    • The PayPal link has been opened so that members may purchase their AGM tickets online and enjoy the very generous Early Bird Discounts available until December 30th 
    • Information on the upcoming AGM (Minutes, Agenda, Schedule, etc.) can be found when you scroll down to the bottom of the page to Official Documents
    • See AGM 2016


OCTRA Annual General Meeting
February 25th, 2017
Best Western Inn & Conference Center
Cobourg, Ontario

The Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association and its members invite you to join them at their annual gathering, February 25th in Cobourg, Ontario.

Anyone who has ever considered becoming involved in the sport of endurance is encouraged to attend. This would be your perfect opportunity to learn about the different disciplines supported by OCTRA – Competitive Trail, Ride ‘n Tie, Set Speed and of course, Endurance. Participating in OCTRA-sanctioned rides can be done for the sheer joy of riding your equine partner on some of the most beautiful trails Ontario has to offer or you can use our multi-level events as a training ground to prepare yourself and your horse for long distance riding across Canada and around the world. In addition, many riders find this sport to be a perfect complement in training their horses for other equine disciplines – from dressage and reining to show jumping and beyond. No matter your level of experience, your age or your discipline, long distance riding will help you build a bond between you and your horse and make you both the best you can be.

This years AGM promises to be fun and entertaining. Once again we will have Vendors on hand to share information, a clinic on hoof care is in the works and some inspiring information on using yoga to improve your riding are all on the Agenda. Please visit our website for more information (2016 AGM) and we look forward to seeing you there.

To finish is to win


Please note the following deadlines for the upcoming AGM:

  1. December 1st     Nominations for Awards
  2. December 1st     Nominations for Horse Honour Roll
  3. December 1st    Nominations for Stall of Fame

Please note any nominations received AFTER this date will NOT be considered

  1. December 26th    Proposed AGM Resolutions from members

Please note any resolutions received AFTER this date will NOT be considered


  1. December 30th     Early Bird Discounts for Banquet and Clinic ends
  2. January 25th         Final Resolutions to be heard at AGM posted
  3. February 7th          Banquet tickets cut-off date (so #’s can be sent re ordering meals)

For more information please see AGM Information

Ballots for Nominations can be found at AGM Nominations


SILENT AUCTION @ AGM (February 2017).

Our AGM and Annual Banquet will be held in Cobourg February 25th, 2017.  If anyone is interested in organizing and running the Silent Auction this year, please contact the Secretary at before November 30th, 2016.


RIDER DEVELOPMENT FUND (from Policy Statements)

    1. Funds for the Rider Development Fund will come from the Silent Auction at the AGM as well as from funds from the general account when resources are available i.e. this fund will be an annual budgetary item for the Treasurer (November 10th, 2015).
    2. Those members who would benefit from such fundraising should participate in the Auction and be present at the AGM & Banquet.  (March 12th, 2015).
    3. RMs must formally request the funds from the Board and give a brief description of the proposed ride. (March 13, 2014).
    4. Funds will be distributed from the Rider Development for the following:
      • To be used for the education and promotion of our sport. (May 10, 2012)
      • To support Ride Managers who are offering training rides, provincial or national championship rides or FEI rides: 
      • For training rides, this could defray the costs of bringing in people to do the educational component of the ride. (February 9, 2012) 
      • For other rides, this could help defray the extra costs associated with putting on Provincial or National Championship rides or FEI-sanctioned endurance rides. (February 9, 2012)



Dr. Sarah Tiller is our new co-chair, along with Dr. Brianne Henderson, of our Vet & Lay Judge Committee. 

Sarah’s mentor and dear friend was Ruth Kitchen, an OCTRA pioneer. Long time members will remember Ruth well.  Sarah graduated OVC in 1985 and went on to own her own veterinary clinic for over 20 years. She bought her first horse, a pure bred Arabian filly in 1974 and competed in OCTRA events through the 70’s and 80’s during which time she also found the time to have three children.  Sarah retired in 2010 and is thrilled to be back in the OCTRA family. 

 “I can still ride my current horse like I did at fifteen … well, I feel like that anyway!”. 

We thank Sarah for taking this on and welcome her to her new “job”. 

Anyone interested in more information on becoming a Lay Judge or a certified OCTRA Vet should read through the requirements in our Policy Statements under Files.


    Photo: Courtesy of Deanna Ramsay                   

Lopin’ Larose Update.

A note from Lopin’ Larose Trail Masters & Organizing Committee:

New Base Camp is now at the other end of the Larose Forest than last year. The address is 4858 Champlain Road, Bourget, Ontario, K0A 1E0.

Please note, our base camp from last year is not available this year; however, the Forestry Office has offered the use of their office grounds as base camp! It is equally lovely, if not more so.  There is limited parking available on Friday night and Sunday night. Please contact Christina Young directly for information on camping on those days. Otherwise, ride camp opens at 10am on Saturday, October 15.

As well, your dedicated and passionate Trail Masters put in some very long hours and have re-selected, re-calculated, and re-marked a significant amount of trail around the new base camp and we now have a course equally as beautiful and fun for you to enjoy!

40k/25mi CTR:
The 40k CTR will consist of two loops (one loop done twice) of 12.5 miles. Water is available at approximately the halfway point. Footing is mainly wide, grassy dirt forest; however, there is approximately 3 miles of contiguous pea-type gravel on the loop (we apologize for this; however, there truly is no way around it). There are mowed grassy sides to all gravel areas. Hoof protection is recommended.

80k/50mi Endurance:
The 50 mile Endurance ride will consist of three loops (16.5 miles, 17 miles, 16.5 miles). Water is available approximately every 5 miles. Footing is mainly wide, grassy dirt forest or packed dirt road. The first and last loop has approximately 3 contiguous miles of pea-type gravel. There are mowed grassy sides to all gravel areas. Hoof protection is recommended.

See you this weekend!


A Reminder to Ride Managers.

Always send flyers and other details related to your rides to so the OCTRA calendar can accurately reflect your planning, events, and registration process. Putting this information only on Facebook is insufficient. People who use Facebook will see it, but others will not. Note: the OCTRA webmaster never uses Facebook as the source for event information.