We are pleased to announce that David Morgan has agreed to take on the challenging tasks of OCTRA Webmaster & Data Base Administrator.  David has extensive experience in both areas and has been building websites since 1992 when the internet was still in its infancy.  His experience reflects his strengths in both information presentation (websites) and information management (databases).  And of course, we all know him, from OCTRA Rides as half the team of Great Leads ‘n Reins, along with his wife Kate (and of course their pup Maggie ).

Ride results are of course a priority and David is currently hard at work getting to know the system and is confident he will have them ready for Julie Phair, our Awards Chair, by that all important December 15th deadline.  If any member has questions, concerns or suggestions they should contact David at webmaster@octra.on.  He welcomes input but hopes everyone will be patient while he gets up to speed.

The Board would like to thank everyone who offered to take on this position and would also like to once again thank Deanna for her years of service and hard work in this and other areas as well as for her ongoing and future contributions to our Association.

Ride Results.

Ride results are up for the following rides: Summer Solstice, Coates Creek, Summer’s End, Merrickville, and Madawaska. Points are also updated. Check your results and your year end standings for errors. If you find any issues, contact the Ride Manager for corrections.

Results are not yet in for Massie, or for Tay Valley.

Resignation : Deanna Ramsay.

After 17 years of continuous service Deanna Ramsay will be stepping down from her assorted volunteer positions with OCTRA effective the end of September.

Deanna has been awarded the Prince Caleb trophy on multiple occasions for her outstanding contributions. She currently serves as co-chair of the veterinary committee, designs and manages all of OCTRA’s databases, enters and compiles horse and ride points, and is the webmaster for our website performing both design and administrative jobs. Deanna’s contributions will be missed by all OCTRA members.

The board of directors sincerely thanks Deanna for her steadfast support. And while we regret her leaving we also understand that there are limits to everyone’s contributions; everyone needs a break.

Additionally, I would like to express my personal thanks to Deanna for all the help she has provided as I’ve attempted to navigate the position known as president.

All the best Deanna.

Doug Price
OCTRA President
(on behalf of the entire Board of Directors)



Monthly Board Meetings & AGM Minutes

A reminder that to access all Association Minutes, members must sign in.  Therefore a username and password is required.  Everything else on our website is available without signing in.

Minutes can be found under the MEMBERSHIP tab.



A request to waive the Rule Book CTR PC Qualifications for the 2016 CTR PCs only was put forward by the Ride Manager, Elaine Steele.  Elaine has requested some leeway with regard to these qualifications as there have been limited CTR events over the past two years, although the discipline is currently experiencing an increase in popularity. Elaine stressed that she did not want a permanent Rule Book change, just a softening of the rule for this year only.


A2.2. a) 
The horse and rider separately or as a team – must have successfully completed 240km (150 miles) within the 2 preceding calendar years and that period of the current year prior to the closing of entries for the Provincial Championship Event, with at least 80km (50 miles) from competitive rides sanctioned by OCTRA or other organizations recognized by OCTRA.

The Board agreed that it was in the best interest of the event, as well as members wishing to participate in this event, to allow for a rule amendment for this year onlyAs this is not a rule change, neither an AGM resolution nor an evote is required.

ONE TIME AMENDMENT (Tay Valley – 2016):

Amendment to A2.2 a)

The horse and rider separately or as a team – must have successfully completed 240km (150 miles) within the 2 preceding calendar years and that period of the current year prior to the closing of entries for the Provincial Championship Event, with at least 80km (50 miles) from competitive rides or at least one ride over the past two years from any OCTRA discipline equal or greater than 40 km (25 miles) or 2 rides of at least 40km (25mi) over two consecutive days sanctioned by OCTRA or other organizations recognized by OCTRA.





Search Function.


The Distance Rewards Programme search function has been restored to the website.

It required a rewrite of the PHP scripting.  If any of you have any problems with it, please let me know.

It can be found under both the Awards tab (as Distance Rewards Programme) and also under the History tab (as Horse and Rider History).



OCTRA is completely run by volunteers.  Getting information out to the public on our various activities is not the responsibility of one individual or committee but of our entire membership.  Therefore, it would be appreciated that if any Ride Manager, Committee Chair, OCTRA member, etc. is interested in having an OCTRA event publicised that they  follow these steps:

1. Be aware of deadlines:

  • OEF Whoa! Newsletter
    This news update is e-mailed to members on the first week in January, April, July and October
    Have articles to PR Chair by beginning of previous month 
  • OCTRA’s The Pulse
    Our newsletter comes out about three times a year – Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter
    Forward articles directly to Pulse Chair and cc PR Chair
  • The Rider Magazine
    There are approximately 6 issues a year.
    Have articles to PR Chair at least one month prior to your event

2. Prepare article:

  • Either prepare the article or create an outline with all the pertinent points
  • If possible, have photograph(s) with photo credit
  • Forward article to PR Chair
  • If only an outline is sent, the Chair will write up the article or have someone else do this.
  • Any articles submitted may be edited
  • Ensure photos have a photo credit/permission or they cannot be used

3. Articles may/can be posted in any of the following

  • Newsletters/Magazines including The Pulse, Whoa!, The Rider, etc.
  • Websites including OCTRA, OEF, Endurance Canada, AHAEC, AERC, etc.
  • Facebook pages including OCTRA, OEF, EC, AERC, etc.
  • Local newspapers (please include name and contact information)


Julie Phair has accepted the challenge of taking on this position for the 2016 AGM (Feb 2017). Deb McBride has kindly agreed to assist her. Julie will also be working with the AGM Committee (Tia Kerst, Sue Downing, Judy Durst, Rose Danko, Rick Burnside, Nancy Beacon, Kelsa Staffa).

Julie asks that those who received perpetual awards this past February to please return them to her by Octoberfest at the latest. Please email her at to make arrangements to collect the award.

Once again, a big thank you to Emily Watson for her past service in this position and also to ALL our volunteers without whom OCTRA would not exist.

OCTRA 50TH ANNIVERSARY …. coming soon.

OCTRA will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018!  The Board is already discussing ideas to make 2018 a true celebration.  If you have ideas or suggestions please contact the Secretary or any Board member – and a big thank you to Colette Hutten for coming up with a great tag-line.



Great Horses from the Past.

Kristen Howard has volunteered to recover some wonderful OCTRA history for the website.  Stall of Fame, and Honour Roll horses are the best of the best.  She’s just finished the first two articles in the series… on Kabar Raftah, and Csardas Tetley.  Great stories… have a look!