You asked for it. Now you have it. On the For Members page there is now a link for logged in members to the OCTRA Discussion Forums. You MUST login to the website to have access to any of the discussion forums. All forums are restricted to members.

To help us launch, I have created a category called Governance with a single forum (for now) called OCTRA Discussion Forum. Using this “forum about the forum” I hope we will determine together how best to utilize this communications tool.

I have also set up 8 forums under the rubric Ride Disciplines that follow SECTION 5 of the OCTRA Rule Book, namely:

  1. Rides in General
  2. Training Rides & Clinics
  3. “Mileage” & Shorter Distance Events
  4. Competitive Trail
  5. Set Speed
  6. Endurance
  7. Ride ‘n Tie
  8. Limited Distance
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