I have 2018 stickers now for the membership cards. “So what?” you may ask. I answer that it means I can now process 2018 membership renewals! 🙂
A few have already send info and money in and I have not forgotten you 😉 I will process them in the next couple weeks. If I feel ambitious it may be this weekend. So if you want a jump start in renewing your membership – bring it on LOL I will be renewing memberships at the AGM between the meeting and the banquet and whenever else I feel thusly inclined 🙄
To make it a painless as possible (and possibly alcohol proof) please be kind and bring a filled out membership form (some will be on hand) and some form of payment and trade it for a receipt and 2018 sticker.
See you soon!
P.S. More membership information stuff is here ➡  Membership

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