OCTRA is completely run by volunteers.  Getting information out to the public on our various activities is not the responsibility of one individual or committee but of our entire membership.  Therefore, it would be appreciated that if any Ride Manager, Committee Chair, OCTRA member, etc. is interested in having an OCTRA event publicised that they  follow these steps:

1. Be aware of deadlines:

  • OEF Whoa! Newsletter
    This news update is e-mailed to members on the first week in January, April, July and October
    Have articles to PR Chair by beginning of previous month 
  • OCTRA’s The Pulse
    Our newsletter comes out about three times a year – Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter
    Forward articles directly to Pulse Chair and cc PR Chair
  • The Rider Magazine
    There are approximately 6 issues a year.
    Have articles to PR Chair at least one month prior to your event

2. Prepare article:

  • Either prepare the article or create an outline with all the pertinent points
  • If possible, have photograph(s) with photo credit
  • Forward article to PR Chair
  • If only an outline is sent, the Chair will write up the article or have someone else do this.
  • Any articles submitted may be edited
  • Ensure photos have a photo credit/permission or they cannot be used

3. Articles may/can be posted in any of the following

  • Newsletters/Magazines including The Pulse, Whoa!, The Rider, etc.
  • Websites including OCTRA, OEF, Endurance Canada, AHAEC, AERC, etc.
  • Facebook pages including OCTRA, OEF, EC, AERC, etc.
  • Local newspapers (please include name and contact information)
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