Members are reminded that it is the owner’s or rider’s responsibility to request that a horse be included in the pertinent Breed Award category. This includes “Best of the Rest”!

OCTRA Rule Book 10.2.1
b) To be eligible for breed awards, a copy of the horses’ registration papers, or Standardbred Canada, TrackIT or USTA Pathway printout, must be submitted by the owner OR the rider, to the Distance Reward Program Chair.

Elaine Steele ( 613-267-2590) is the Distance Reward Program Chair. ALL breed awards are opt-in. If you do not register your horse with Elaine, your horse will not be in the running for this award.

NOTE: The requirement to opt-in your horse includes High Point “Best of the Rest“. Even though many of these horses do not have breed registration documents you must still request they be included for this award. You can check if your horse is on the Best of the Rest list by going to this page…

2017 Breed awards are: