Board of Directors Announces Changes to Limited Distance and Set Speed Rides Beginning 2019

Summary: LD points calculation is clarified; LD’s will now be placed; and, except for championships, Set Speeds will be graded not placed.


Upon consideration of the recommendations of the Rules Committee and the Ad Hoc Committee for Year End Awards, and the extensive work done by the 2018 BOD, the BOD of OCTRA wishes to announce the following:

  • Limited Distance Rides will be included in Breed Awards and the Overall High Point Award using the OCTRA Standardized Points formula. The LD High Mileage award will continue to be based on miles = points.
  • Limited Distance Ride results will be posted showing completion times and placings, consistent with the current practice of the AERC. Event Secretaries shall record completion times and placings on vet cards, and submit results showing placings. LD finishers shall receive completion certificates. Participant ribbons MAY be awarded at the discretion of the event manager.
  • All Set Speed rides, apart from Championship Set Speed rides, will be sanctioned as Graded rides.

Please take these changes into consideration when planning your ride season.

A “definitions” document will be added to the rule book in the near future outlining the Points Calculation for Year End Awards in a single document.

A PDF version of this announcement is available for sharing.

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