Clarification Regarding Novice Awards and Limited Distance rides

Because the Rule Book is silent on novice participation in LD’s, in 2018 novice riders may compete in more than one Limited Distance ride without fear of losing their novice status. However all Limited Distance rides completed will count toward the maximum 400 kilometer distance allowed for novice status. Novices will earn points for completions in LD’s as well as for LD Best Condition and they will be included in LD rankings. LD ride points, however, will not count toward High Point Novice Rider nor toward High Point Novice Rider/Horse Team.

For the purpose of the novice awards noted above, qualifications for rider or horse are:

  1. Lifetime distance of 400 kilometers or less; and
  2. No more than one completion in an Endurance and/or Open CTR ride.

NOTE: CTR Novice Division qualifications are more detailed and are found in section 5C.6 of the Rule Book.

Novices should consider their best strategy if working toward either novice level award since LD completions will rapidly add distance to their 400 kilometer eligibility possibly limiting the total novice points they can earn in the current season.

If you require further clarification contact either Julie Phair, Awards Committee Chair, or David Morgan, Year End Points Committee Chair.