Dr. Sarah Tiller is our new co-chair, along with Dr. Brianne Henderson, of our Vet & Lay Judge Committee. 

Sarah’s mentor and dear friend was Ruth Kitchen, an OCTRA pioneer. Long time members will remember Ruth well.  Sarah graduated OVC in 1985 and went on to own her own veterinary clinic for over 20 years. She bought her first horse, a pure bred Arabian filly in 1974 and competed in OCTRA events through the 70’s and 80’s during which time she also found the time to have three children.  Sarah retired in 2010 and is thrilled to be back in the OCTRA family. 

 “I can still ride my current horse like I did at fifteen … well, I feel like that anyway!”. 

We thank Sarah for taking this on and welcome her to her new “job”. 

Anyone interested in more information on becoming a Lay Judge or a certified OCTRA Vet should read through the requirements in our Policy Statements under Files.


    Photo: Courtesy of Deanna Ramsay                   

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