If you received OCTRA’s “Resolution Voting” email dated Aug 14, 2017 we encourage you to participate by clicking the “Vote Now!” link in the message. If you did NOT receive this important email  please contact Veronica Canadien <roni_canadien@yahoo.ca> with your current email address to be placed on the distribution list. Some membership account emails are out of date and no longer active.

NOTE: Family members who share the same email address only receive one email ballot which cannot be shared. The other voting member of the family must provide a different email address in order to vote.

The OCTRA Rules Committee, chaired by David Henderson, is recommending a membership vote on four proposed resolutions.
1)    1st resolution is regarding the criteria for the Top Novice Horse & Rider Team.
2)     Three other resolutions regarding the discipline of Limited Distance.

2 thoughts on “Did you receive OCTRA’s “Resolution Voting” email?

  1. I have contacted Veronica regarding my email address. Will the voting email be sent out again? I did not receive it. Veronica says that my email address is correct. As well I have checked junk mail etc and I cannot find it.

    1. The original vote has been recalled. The resolutions are posted in the forum for review. A new vote will be held in the future.

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