OCTRA Annual General Meeting
February 25th, 2017
Best Western Inn & Conference Center
Cobourg, Ontario

The Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association and its members invite you to join them at their annual gathering, February 25th in Cobourg, Ontario.

Anyone who has ever considered becoming involved in the sport of endurance is encouraged to attend. This would be your perfect opportunity to learn about the different disciplines supported by OCTRA – Competitive Trail, Ride ‘n Tie, Set Speed and of course, Endurance. Participating in OCTRA-sanctioned rides can be done for the sheer joy of riding your equine partner on some of the most beautiful trails Ontario has to offer or you can use our multi-level events as a training ground to prepare yourself and your horse for long distance riding across Canada and around the world. In addition, many riders find this sport to be a perfect complement in training their horses for other equine disciplines – from dressage and reining to show jumping and beyond. No matter your level of experience, your age or your discipline, long distance riding will help you build a bond between you and your horse and make you both the best you can be.

This years AGM promises to be fun and entertaining. Once again we will have Vendors on hand to share information, a clinic on hoof care is in the works and some inspiring information on using yoga to improve your riding are all on the Agenda. Please visit our website for more information (2016 AGM) and we look forward to seeing you there.

To finish is to win

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