Our Webmaster, David Morgan, has added/updated a few items for us on our website.  Please note, to access the Membership List and all OCTRA Minutes, members must login first.  If you have any issues logging in please contact David, webmaster@octra.on.ca.

  1. OCTRA Membership List
    • As requested and discussed at the 2015 AGM (February 2016), the OCTRA Membership List is now available to OCTRA members only.
    • See OCTRA Membership List
  2. OCTRA Current Horse Numbers List
  3. OCTRA AGM 2016 (February 2017)
    • The PayPal link has been opened so that members may purchase their AGM tickets online and enjoy the very generous Early Bird Discounts available until December 30th 
    • Information on the upcoming AGM (Minutes, Agenda, Schedule, etc.) can be found when you scroll down to the bottom of the page to Official Documents
    • See AGM 2016
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